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What Is a Teacup Maltese?

The Teacup Maltese is in the toy group. The toy group consists of many dog breeds in which the dogs are small and fragile. Most Maltese make great pets, but need supervision to keep them in good health. The Teacup Maltese would not make a good pet if small children are going to be around.

Teacup Maltese

    The Teacup Maltese is one of the smallest of the dog breeds. They are smart and playful, but they are a fragile breed, too. They are good with people and other animals. If you suffer from allergies, this dog is a good choice. They have gorgeous long, white fur that does not shed, but the dog still must be groomed regularly.

Behavioral Issues

    The Teacup Maltese is known to suffer from certain behavioral problems, such as separation anxiety, suspiciousness when not socialized, housebreaking problems and frequent barking. These problems most often occur when the dog is left alone too much. Even just leaving the Maltese alone for a few hours could result in destructive chewing around your house. If you work out of the house all day, this dog is not recommended for you.

Good Family Dog?

    A Teacup Maltese is typically well mannered and good around people. Small or young children would not be suited well with this breed, however. This breed is fragile and cannot afford to be stepped on. The children may mean well, but cannot help that they are often clumsy and can accidentally step on the dog. Maltese often feel overwhelmed by the quick movements of children and loud noises. They start to become stressed and fearful, which often results in biting to their defense.

Keep Your Maltese Safe

    If you accidentally sit on your Maltese or step on them, you could kill them. If you want to keep your Maltese safe, know where your dog is at all times. As with many small dogs, a Maltese does not understand physically how small they are, and they don't know their limitations. They can die by jumping from a countertop or even the back of a sofa. Keeping your Maltese on a leash when you are not around would be in their best interest as well as yours. Children should be kept away from them to ensure safety for your Maltese.

Health Problems

    A Teacup Maltese may develop health problems at any age and size. They are more susceptible if they are under the standard weight. Your dog is malnourished when it shows symptoms such as shallow breathing and weaknesses. Malnourishment will cause damage to your dog's organs; call your vet immediately if your dog has these symptoms.


    This breed requires daily exercise as many other dogs do. They can be active inside or outside. Daily walks will help them remain calm and less distraught. They may begin to act up if you put off walking them a few days. Housebreaking is often difficult with this breed; daily exercise will help them alleviate undo stress.

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