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Types of Short Tailed Dogs

Types of Short Tailed Dogs

Many people think of dogs as having decent tails that wag, but some dog breeds either don't have tails, or don't have much of one. Some dogs, especially starlets in dog shows, have their tails (and sometimes ears) cut or bobbed shortly after birth. Dogs with short tails are no different than those who have long fluffy tails.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    The Pembroke Welsh corgi is energetic and loyal.
    The Pembroke Welsh corgi is energetic and loyal.

    The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the favorite breed of the current Queen of England and was bred for cattle driving centuries ago. The Pembroke, although built low to the ground, has a long body and big upright ears with a face that resembles a fox. Pembrokes are generally born with a stubby tail, but some are born without a tail at all. It's a diminutive dog (only in size, not personality) weighing 25 to 30 lbs. These dogs need lots of exercise to satisfy their high-energy level. Homes with cats might want to steer clear of this breed.

Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

    The Australian stumpy tail cattle dog, often called stumpy, is a descendant of the Australian dingo that was bred with a black and white bob-tailed dog called the Smithfield.

    The stumpy weighs up to 50 lbs. and needs a lot of room to roam. This is a highly intelligent dog bred for working and must be part of the action. He is happiest when he has something to do -- or chase.

    Some cattle dogs tend to nip at the heels of people because it was bred for herding, and thinks that is what it is supposed to do. This is the type of dog that probably does best without children and should live with someone with a lot of patience. Otherwise, this dog is energetic, free-spirited, brave, trustworthy and alert.

Old English Bulldog

    The old English bulldog features a big head, stout, muscular body and a stubby tail. It is a very stable and trustworthy dog. The dog was originally bred for blood sport, but the stock of modern day old English bulldogs traces to the pug, English bulldog, American bulldog and the mastiff, resulting in a medium to large-sized, even-tempered dog. Although fearless-looking, bulldogs are docile and friendly around families and friends, but protective of its owner and property.

Boston Terrier

    The Boston terrier is a spirited companion
    The Boston terrier is a spirited companion

    The Boston terrier is a compact breed weighing from 10 to 25 lbs. and reaches a little over 1 foot in height. It has a smooth coat and short tail. This breed is highly intelligent and friendly, making it an ideal candidate for a family pet.

    Bostons are sometimes too friendly because they are eager to please and enjoy the company of anyone, including the neighbor's cat. It's important to provide a safe environment for this breed, as its friendly nature allows them to go with anyone, even strangers. This is one dog that isn't good as a watch dog.

    This is an indoor dog and requires lots of love and attention from its family.

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