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Types of Dogs With Curly Hair

Types of Dogs With Curly Hair

Different breeds of dogs have varying coats with different lengths and styles. Some breeds have straight hair while others have tight or loose curls. Curly coats also have varied lengths, from short to long; these coats serve a purpose. Curly coats are an adaptation against the cold and serve as a waterproof barrier for water dog breeds.

Irish Water Spaniel

    The Irish Water Spaniel is the largest of the spaniel breeds. The dog has a loose, curly coat which is waterproof. The breed also has webbed paws which, along with the waterproof coat, make it a good swimmer. It is a loyal and intelligent breed that learns quickly and is eager to please. Its coat also makes it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Curly Coated Retriever

    The Curly Coated Retriever has a dense and curly, short coat which helps protect it from thick, thorny undergrowth and cold water. As a hunting breed, the dog needs this coat to deal with the adverse conditions. It is an intelligent breed, but is energetic and needs a lot of exercise.

Portuguese Water Dog

    The Portuguese Water Dog has a medium-length, tightly curled coat. People originally bred the dog to to work alongside fishermen, retrieving nets and fish as well as carrying messages between boats. It is a medium-sized breed with a lot of energy. The dog is loyal to its owner and intelligent. Its thick coat sheds little, making it suitable for allergy sufferers.

Spinone Italiano

    The Spinone Italiano has a medium-length, loosely curled coat. Hunters use this large breed as a hunting dog, with its thick coat protecting it from harsh undergrowth and cold water. The dog is loyal and energetic but distrustful of strangers.

Tibetan Terrier

    The Tibetan Terrier has a long, loosely curled coat. It originates from the Tibetan region, where monks bred it in monasteries as a holy dog. It is a medium-small breed with high intelligence and a sensitive nature. The dog is in tune with its owners' moods, which makes it a good companion. However, its long coat requires a lot of maintenance.


    The Komondor has a long and densely corded, curly coat, caused by the undercoat and outer coat becoming entangled. It is an all-weather breed, developed in Hungary as a flock protector. The dog is fiercely protective of its flocks and will protect them from wild animals. The corded coat also helps the dog blend in with sheep flocks and protect them from animal attacks.

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