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The Temperament of a Miniature Poodle

The Temperament of a Miniature Poodle

A miniature poodle, also known as Barbone or Caniche, is a very popular dog breed. Its important to understand its temperament if you are considering adding one to your family.


    The miniature poodle makes a great family dog as it is generally good with children, other dogs and pets. However, Petfinder notes, the miniature poodle is sensitive, tending to be devoted to one person, and initially reserved with strangers. In addition, it remains obedient.


    The miniature poodle is a lively and playful dog; however, he may be high-strung if he is not given an adequate amount of exercise.


    Miniature poodles tend to bark a lot; however, they will rarely become aggressive. Without socialization from humans the dog will bark more frequently. In addition, barking may persist if it does not have rules to follow.

Small Dog Syndrome

    A miniature poodle can develop small dog syndrome, which occurs when the dog believes it is the alpha over humans. This can cause it to feel sensitive or nervous.


    A miniature poodle is easy to train because it is highly intelligent and eager to please.

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