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Skin Care Requirements of Chinese Crested Dogs

Skin Care Requirements of Chinese Crested Dogs

The Chinese Crested dog is a toy breed found in two types. The hairless variety only has tufts of hair on its feet (referred to as "socks"), head ("crest") and tail ("plume"). The powder puff variety has long, soft hair all over. The dog weighs ten pounds or less and stands about 12 inches in height. The hairless variety requires special care for its skin.


    Although the hairless Chinese Crested does not have the typical "doggie" odor, regular bathing is important to keep its skin clean. Just as with humans, the skin of the Chinese Crested hairless needs to be regularly exfoliated to remove blackheads. Go Pets America recommends giving your dog a bath twice each month with a medicated shampoo.


    To prevent the dog's skin from drying out, moisturizer should be massaged into the skin, particularly following its bath. Kwintessential indicates it is important to use an oil-free moisturizer to keep the skin from becoming oily, and to keep it clean, healthy, and soft. According to Dog Breed Info, a large number of Chinese Crested dogs are allergic to lanolin and wool. Therefore, it may be necessary to use a moisturizer that does not contain lanolin.


    Like humans, the hairless Chinese Crested is susceptible to sunburn. Sunscreen should be applied to protect it from the sun. Kwintessential indicates that these dogs often instinctively know to stay out of direct sunlight. Excessive sun exposure should be avoided. These dogs are also particularly sensitive to cold weather. They should wear a sweater or coat when going outside in the winter.

Identifying Problems

    Chinese Crested dogs, like humans, can develop a variety of skin problems. They can be sensitive to certain medications or chemicals, resulting in rashes or skin irritations. According to Just Dog Breeds, they can develop acne. Although not susceptible to fleas, they are still vulnerable to ticks. Fortunately, ticks are easy to spot on a hairless dog. It is important to pay attention to this dog's skin, and to identify and treat any skin condition promptly to prevent any serious complications.

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