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Information on Yorkie Mix Dogs

Information on Yorkie Mix Dogs

Yorkshire terriers, or "Yorkies," possess strong personalities and an energetic nature. Mixed breed dogs that claim a Yorkie as a parent are likely to possess these traits as well.


    The temperament of a mixed-breed dog relies heavily on examining its parentage. Identifying how the parents act gives a great deal of insight into how a Yorkie mix will behave.


    Depending on what other breed types your Yorkie is mixed with, he may or may not possess the energy, loyalty and extreme personality that Yorkshire terriers are known for. A Yorkie and collie mix will behave much differently than a Yorkie and spaniel cross.


    Examine the health problems that are inherent to each breed your dog claims as heritage. Yorkies are subject to a long list of congenital defects including retinal dysplasias and tracheal collapse, which may or may not be present in a mixed breed dog.

Life Span

    The life span of a Yorkshire terrier mix falls somewhere in between the average Yorkie life span of 10 to 15 years and that of the other breed it is mixed with.

Fun Fact

    Pasha, a Yorkshire terrier, lived in the White House as a member of Richard Nixon's family.

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