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Information About a Chihuahua & Beagle Mix

Information About a Chihuahua & Beagle Mix

Chihuahua and beagle mixes (known as Cheagles) are a recognized hybrid breed growing in popularity. Small, with friendly dispositions, Cheagles make great companions and family dogs.


    The Cheagle primarily resembles the Chihuahua with certain beagle-like traits such as the ears and tail. Cheagle ears are typically long and lay down until something gets the dogs attention, then the ears stand up. The tail curls toward the back and stands erect when alert.


    Cheagles get along with children and other dogs, which makes them good family dogs. Cheagles can sometimes get aggressive during play but calm down quickly.


    The Cheagle is a playful and sometimes hyper dog that craves attention. Training can be difficult and needs to be very scheduled to obtain results.


    Cheagles have small muzzles that can cause snoring when sleeping. Like beagles, Cheagles love to track and follow scents. Cheagles generally weigh about 12 pounds full-grown. Cheagles also tend to have overbites.

Temperature Needs

    Extreme temperatures should be avoided. Small and short-haired, Cheagles can easily get chilled and dont deal well with prolonged heat exposure.

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