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How to Remove Glue From Sheltie Ears

How to Remove Glue From Sheltie Ears

Shelties often have their ears glued to train the ears into a specific shape. The method, called tipping, uses glue that is safe on a dog's skin. While the method of gluing is safe for the dog, the glue needs replacement every couple of weeks, which requires the removal of the previous glue. The glue needs changing or removing whenever the brace for shaping the dog's ears starts to peel or look loose.



    Select an adhesive remover that is safe for Shelties. Any adhesive remover sold in a pet store for use on dog ear gluing is appropriate or any adhesive remover that states it is safe on pets if purchased from stores that are not pet stores.


    Pour some adhesive remover on a cotton swab. Gently use the cotton swab on the Sheltie's ears and rub with the swab. This will not only apply the adhesive to the dog's ears, but it will also help remove the brace without pulling or hurting the dog.


    Remove the brace completely and then look for excess glue. Add two to three drops of extra adhesive remover to the Sheltie's ear and gently rub the ears to get the glue to break down.


    Wash the Sheltie or the Sheltie's ear with water and an appropriate dog shampoo to remove the adhesive remover.

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