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How to Raise a Maltese

The Maltese is a toy breed with long, silky white hair, The dog's carefree temperament makes it easy to train and raise. Certain precautions should be taken due to the breed's tiny size (they rarely weigh more than 10 pounds when full-grown.) Here are some tips on how to raise a Maltese.



    Crate your Maltese as a pup to foster better housebreaking and discipline. "Crating" a puppy involves placing the dog in a good-sized crate, usually 2 feet by 3 feet. This gives the Maltese enough space to move around and play, while preventing him from relieving himself on the carpet or destroying furniture while you're away.


    Walk your Maltese, or take him into the backyard when he wakes up or when he circles the room and appears anxious. Praise him when he relieves himself outside. Teach your puppy to relieve himself in the same spot each time.


    Bring your Maltese outside twice a day for fresh air and exercise. Be careful with your Maltese in dog parks or on crowded sidewalks. The Maltese is an eager, friendly dog and isn't afraid to approach larger dogs. Make sure your dog is on a leash at all times.


    Dress your Maltese in a sweater or raincoat when walking him during inclement weather. Buy tiny boots to protect your dog's tiny feet in extreme winter conditions.


    Watch how your Maltese interacts with other pets in your household. This breed gets along well with cats and other dogs. However, cats and larger dogs may injure the tiny Maltese during play. Over time, the pets will learn how to approach each other.


    Supervise young children playing with your Maltese. Like other animals, small children may regard the tiny Maltese as a toy and get too rambunctious. If you have small children, teach them that the Maltese is delicate and needs to be treated gently.


    Brush and comb your Maltese's coat daily. The Maltese doesn't shed, so there won't be much cleaning up to do. Consult your local dog groomer if you want your Maltese to resemble the champions at dog shows. Otherwise, simple combing, brushing and an occasional shampoo will suffice.

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