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How to Learn Dog Training Techniques from "It's Me or the Dog"

How to Learn Dog Training Techniques from

"It's Me or the Dog" is a show that features Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer with over 13 years experience. It airs Mondays on Animal Plant 9 pm EST. Reruns air daily 6pm EST. Watching "It's Me or the Dog" has shown me some valuable and effective training tips for dog training. Here is how to get the most out of the show.



    Watch the show - It seems pretty obvious but watching the show is the first step to understanding the techniques that Victoria Stilwell uses. She shows effective techniques for walking, reducing separation anxiety, dog socialization, and many other common dog problems.


    Training for Dogs AND People - Stilwell doesn't just train dogs. She trains people who have dogs with behavioral problems. You need to be teachable in order to teach your dog to behave. As you watch the show you will see that much of her job involves teaching the owner how to teach the dog.


    Take notes - Use a pen and paper to write down steps that she takes for dog problems. Here's one example:

    Separation Anxiety - Leave the house as usual. Return 30 seconds later. Leave again for one minute. Increase amount of time outside with each time you leave. Don't make a fuss over leaving or returning.

    This is one technique Stilwell used in the case of a dog who had severe separation anxiety and would raid the fridge every time his owners left.


    Visit the "It's Me or the Dog" Website - You can watch full episodes of the show, read articles about dog training, and find out more about Victoria Stilwell. There are links to other Animal Planet shows along the left side of the page that may be useful such as "Dogs 101." See the resources section for more information.


    Put your knowledge to work - The most important thing that Victoria Stilwell stresses with dog owners is to be consistent. Practice the techniques with your pet daily. Remember to use rewards.

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