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How to Know If My Pug Puppy Is Pedigree?

How to Know If My Pug Puppy Is Pedigree?

The pug breed goes back thousands of years and originated in China. When you get a pug puppy, it may not come with a copy of its pedigree, which is the history of its lineage. Without a pedigree, you can't register your dog with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), because these organizations require proof that there is no break in lineage of AKC or CKC registration. If you didn't get the pedigree with your new puppy, you can try to find it.



    Contact the breeder of your puppy, if you have their name. You can use the AKC website to search for your puppy's litter registration, if there was one. Any information that came with your puppy can help your search. The first step in getting a pedigree begins with the breeder's responsibility to register a litter of puppies born to parents registered with the AKC or CKC.


    Search the Pug Pedigree Database, using a name of a dog that you know is related to yours. Sometimes this information is included in the papers you receive when you rescue or purchase a puppy.


    Contact the person in charge of breeder information or breeder referral for the Pug Dog Club of America. Based on the information you can provide, they may be able to help you trace your dog's lineage and get a copy of the pedigree. It is in the best interest of pug breeders to register AKC and CKC eligible litters, because it maintains the quality of their breeding pairs and allows them to advertise the puppies as AKC or CKC.

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