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How to Groom an Italian Greyhound

With a history extending back over 2,000 years, Italian greyhounds are members of the toy group. They are the miniature version of the large, full-sized greyhounds. Originating in Greece and Turkey, Italian greyhounds get their name from their popularity as lapdogs during the Italian Renaissance. While short-haired Italian greyhounds require less coat maintenance, Italian greyhounds benefit greatly from regular grooming care. Read on to learn more.



    Rub down the coat. Use a soft cloth, such as satin or soft chamois, to keep the coat shiny and to remove loose hair. Trim whiskers if necessary.


    Bathe Italian greyhounds only when necessary. Dry thoroughly after a bath using cloth, not a blow dryer. Place small cotton balls inside the ears to avoid water entering the dog's ear canal.


    Protect the skin. Use sweaters and foot pads for cold weather as Italian greyhounds have little body fat. Ask a vet about using canine skin lotions in dry climates; do not use human skin creams as human skin has different oil content.


    Clean the teeth. Italian greyhounds have small, pointed mouths, making Italian greyhounds prone to dental disease. Regular brushing prevents tartar build-up and gum disease. Have a vet perform regular dental cleanings to prevent tooth loss.


    Clip their nails least twice a month. Use a canine nail clipper or have a veterinarian do this. Italian greyhounds have usually had their dewclaws removed; if a remnant of a dewclaw remains, clip it carefully. When clipping canine toenails, be careful not to clip the cuticle. While not a serious injury, it is painful for the Italian greyhound and may bleed.


    Wipe the ears. Use a cotton swab carefully to remove wax build-up from within the ears. Italian greyhound ears have a drop; this inhibits air circulation and can cause wax build-up and infection.

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