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How to Find the Different Colors & Breeds of Blue Pit Bulls

How to Find the Different Colors & Breeds of Blue Pit Bulls

Blue nose pit bulls are a specific type of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Different lines and breed types make up the pit bull breed. Blue nose and red nose pit bulls confuse many people, who may think it is a different breed. Although some unscrupulous breeders will advertise blue nosed pit bulls as "rare," they are relatively common. Blue noses can appear on pit bulls of any color.



    Go to a pit bull website or the American Kennel Club's website in order to find details about pit bull breed types and colors. Blue nose pit bulls can be in any color, but are often dark blue, silver or black.


    Visit your local library or bookstore. Books written specifically for pit bull lovers provide information on different breed types and colors.


    Find reputable breeders if you want to purchase a blue nose pit bull. You can search online or through classified ads.


    Visit the breeder's kennel before purchasing a blue nose pit bull. Unfortunately, there are many puppy mills selling these dogs online or to pet stores. Puppy mill dogs are often more susceptible to diseases and other deformities because of inbreeding.


    Contact a pit bull rescue group, a local SPCA or the Humane Society in your community. Because of the breed's stigma, many full-blooded pit bulls end up in pounds across the nation. You can find a blue nose pit bull to adopt if you have time and patience.

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