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How to Dehydrate Dog Foods

How to Dehydrate Dog Foods

Healthy dog food and treats can be made at home in a dehydrator. Dry dog food loses important nutrients in the manufacturing process, and the quality of foods varies greatly. Many dog foods have unnecessary fillers that are not part of an ideal diet for a dog. With a home dehydrator, you can dry foods with no additives or preservatives. Foods retain nutrients and the dehydration process protects the food against spoiling.



    Prepare raw foods. Select the best quality produce at the peak of ripeness and flavor. Wash vegetables carefully to remove debris. Cut away bruised or damaged sections. Slice vegetables. Select a variety of meats, fish and poultry, based on your dog's ability to tolerate such proteins. Add wholesome brown rice to the mixture if your dog has no grain allergies.


    Mix food together well. Add to dehydrator trays. Spread all food evenly to dry in single layers. Dry meats and fish on the highest temperature setting of your dehydrator. Test for dryness during the first stage of dehydration by removing a piece of food, and feel with your fingers for dryness. Dry foods at times based on the dehydrator manufacturer's recommendations until completely dehydrated.


    Store foods in a dry, cool and dark area. Store dehydrated food at 60 degrees to below freezing. Store in your freezer or refrigerator.


    Rehydrate dried foods in a container with enough water to cover food and soak for 30 minutes to two hours. Refrigerate foods while soaking to reduce risk of spoilage. After rehydrated, bake foods in oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Remove and let cool.

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