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How to Care for My Daschund Puppy

How to Care for My Daschund Puppy

The dachshund is a lovable and headstrong breed that needs a lot of affection and attention. While these dogs are friendly, they are also quite brave and slightly unpredictable. These dogs were originally bred to hunt (duchshund is German for badger dog) and may very well chase down a small rodent without warning. This character trait makes this breed suitable for families willing to be firm but loving when the dog is still a puppy.


Training - Basics and Specifics


    Be firm with your dachshund puppy. Whether you are potty training or teaching your dachshund to stay off the furniture, this breed is stubborn and will try to avoid direction if you do not stand your ground.


    Use a lot of repetition in training. While this step is important when training most breeds, it is incredibly crucial when dealing with stubborn breeds like the dachshund. Constantly reminding the puppy where to use the bathroom and what parts of the house are off limits will pay dividends in results.


    Train your dachshund puppy not to dig. Since this dog was bred to hunt small animals that tend to burrow or live underground (i.e. weasels, rabbits, etc.), they will dig ferociously if given the opportunity. Get rid of any small rodents on your property and exercise the dog regularly to help.


    Touch your puppy's feet, legs, ears and brush the puppy's teeth on a regular basis. This type of physical contact is not natural for dogs and can be met with a defensive bite from stubborn breeds like the dachshund. Touching your puppy in this manner from the very beginning will allow the dog to grow comfortable with you in all situations and be a better companion when it reaches adulthood.


    Be firm when the dachshund puppy barks. The hunting background of this dog means it will bark when it finds an animal to chase after. It is difficult to stop the dog from barking once it starts. Let your dachshund puppy know from the very beginning that barking is not allowed by withholding affection. Exercise will also help this problem.



    For short-haired dachshund puppies, give the dog a bath at least once a month. The short hair allows for easy grooming that can be done with a damp rag.


    For long-haired dachshund puppies, comb their coat at least once a week. The long hair can get tangled and pick up debris from the floor. Give the dog a bath at least twice a week and pick up any large pieces of debris from the ground that may end up in the puppy's fur.


    For wired-haired puppies, trim the coat when the hair gets tangled and give the dog a bath twice a month. This is the most difficult type of hair to manage and may need professional assistance twice a year.



    Familiarize your puppy with a collar and leash as soon as possible. Walks are very helpful to energetic breeds like the dachshund. Being used to a leash will keep the puppy from fighting against it as it gets older.


    Walk the puppy at least twice a day. Again, these dogs are energetic and long walks will help the puppy drain energy and be healthier. Also, dogs that are well exercised are easier to train since they have less built-up anxiety


    Play fetch games with the puppy. Since dachshunds are hunters, these games will help satisfy the puppy's natural instincts to hunt down small animals. This will also help with digging and barking problems.

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