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How to Care for a Keeshond

How to Care for a Keeshond

The Keeshond is a beautiful, lively and very lovable breed of dog. These dogs are medium-sized and fairly energetic, but adapt well to apartment life--they were originally bred to live aboard Dutch barges, after all, so cramped quarters aren't too much of a problem. Above all, the Kees is a sociable animal, a great family pet, and able to get along well with kids, other pets (even cats) and just about anybody. As long as your Kees gets a lot of loving (and a moderate amount of grooming), he will be your ever-smiling constant companion.



    Groom your Keeshond at least once a week, otherwise her beautiful long coat can get matted. You will need to use a pin brush to penetrate the dense undercoat--and yes, in the summer months, your Kees will shed so you'll need to do a lot of vacuuming (of the floor, not your dog).


    Keep your dog cool in summer if you live in a warm climate. Some pet owners will actually shave their Kees, but this is usually not necessary and not even desirable as the heavy coat can actually act as a sort of burnoose, protecting the sensitive skin from the sun. Be sure to provide your pet with a shady spot (or keep him indoors), and make sure he has plenty of water at all times.


    Feed your pet a well-balanced premium dog food--check with your vet for suggested brands. You may also want to inquire as to whether your pet could use a good supplement during the wintertime to prevent her skin and coat from drying out.


    Have your Keeshond checked regularly by the vet. Keeshonden as a breed are susceptible to hip dysplasia (although it tends not to be as severe as in some larger breeds), hear troubles and hyperparathyroidism, but all of these conditions can be treated or moderated. Your Keeshond, if kept in good health, should live for some 12 to 14 years, and be a lively, joyful companion for every one of those years.

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