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Hardest Dogs to Care For

Hardest Dogs to Care For

Some dog breeds are relatively easy to care for. These pets are often easy to train and to groom, and have few medical problems. Others, however, are more difficult and have problematic temperaments. Some breeds have coats that are difficult to maintain or have genes that make them prone to certain illnesses. These breeds require owners with a great deal of experience, time and sometimes money.

Chow Chow

    The Chow Chow has a more dominant personality than some breeds, so it needs an experienced owner who can firmly establish dominance over the dog. If the dog perceives itself to be the pack leader it can tend toward bad behavior and aggression. The breed is prone to a number of illnesses including eyelid malformation, hip dysplasia, stomach cancer and ear infections. Its thick coat is also arduous to care for and requires regular grooming.

Siberian Husky

    The Siberian husky, like the Chow Chow, also tends toward a dominant personality. This breed needs well defined pack structure and a strong owner. It is also a high energy breed that needs exercise and may be destructive if not mentally stimulated. Problems with the hips and eyes are common in the dog, and males are prone to urethra displacement. It is also a heavy shedding breed and needs to be groomed regularly.

English Bulldog

    The English bulldog can be a challenge financially; the veterinary bills can mount up. As a breed it has many inherited illnesses including breathing problems, bad eyesight, skin problems and issues with joints. It has poor tolerance to high and low temperatures and can have digestion issues if fed the wrong foods. Pregnancies usually result in cesareans as the breed has a large head.


    Greyhounds are a complex breed to train as they are sensitive to the tone of the owner's voice and may ignore commands often. It requires an experienced owner who knows how to deal with the breed. It is also a problem when out walking as it has an instinct to chase that can not be trained out. The greyhound may take off if not carefully watched.


    The Weimaraner can be difficult breed to train as it is often willful and easily distracted. Owners need time, patience and a firm hand to create a well-rounded dog. It is instinctively a hunter and will chase smaller animals, possibly killing them. For this reason the breed should not be trusted with pets such as hamsters. Medically, the breed is prone to tumors, hip problems and gastric issues such as bloat.

Airedale Terrier

    The Airedale terrier is a rowdy breed that is always full of energy and can become easily bored. It needs firm training to stop it from becoming willful and aggressive, and it needs to be well socialized. Its thick, furry coat needs regular grooming to avoid mats and to remove debris collected during walks. The beard-like fur around the mouth needs to be cleaned daily to remove food.

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