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Differences Between a Boxer & Pitbull in Temperment

Differences Between a Boxer & Pitbull in Temperment

Boxers and pit bulls are both classified as large, aggressive dogs, but this is not necessarily the case. While they are large, it is not in their nature to be aggressive to humans. The dogs are excellent at providing entertainment and loyalty to their owners. Although the dogs have some of the same ancestors, the two breeds have several differences as well.

Pit Bull Temperament

    A pit bull is classified as an aggressive dog breed, but its aggression toward humans is much rarer than its aggression toward other animals. Positive pit bull characteristics include intelligence, loyalty, strength, humor and good judgment of human and animal character. Some of the less desirable traits that pit bull dogs will exhibit include aggression toward small animals, farm animals, other dogs -- especially of the same breed -- and large moving objects, such as cars. Pit bulls also have a tendency to fight to win.

Boxer Temperament

    Boxers are similar to pit bulls, as they have some common ancestors, but the boxer is a more mild version and shows much less aggression, even toward other animals, than the pit bull. Some of the good characteristics of the boxer include a playful spirit, eagerness to please, friendliness to humans and other animals, neatness, kindness and loyalty. Some of a boxer's less desirable traits include stubbornness against negative treatment and discipline, an energetic spirit that can get out of control and the need for constant positive reinforcement.


    The pit bull and boxer have many similarities in temperament. Neither of the dog breeds are intended for human attack or aggressive guarding. Both of the dogs have a sense of humor and a silly attitude, and both breeds are kind to humans unless trained otherwise. Both boxers and pit bulls are loyal and friendly and possess an energetic spirit that is enjoyable to be around.


    There are some differences between boxers and pit bulls. Boxers are a better breed to have in a household with several dogs or other smaller pets. Pit bulls tend to try and hunt smaller animals, even if they have known them for years. Pit bulls have less character discernment than boxers and may not find an intruder suspicious while a boxer may feel otherwise. Further, if a pit bull is trained poorly, it may attack humans as well as small animals.

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