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Characteristics of Golden Retrievers

Characteristics of Golden Retrievers

A golden retriever is a friendly, social, gentle and well-mannered pet that can be trained easily because it is obedient and loyal to its master. The breed is a common family pet and pet owners adore them due to their pleasing, yet energetic personality. The breed originated in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s after it was developed by Lord Tweedmouth by crossing the flat coated retriever and tweed water spaniel.

Physical Features

    This breed is medium-sized and has a sturdy build with a broad skull. The outer coat is golden or cream in color, dense, wavy and water-resistant. The muzzle is straight and tapers down clearly in the end. The dark brown eyes may be medium or large. Its ears are relatively short and hang close to the cheeks. The tail is thick at the base.


    Golden retrievers are generally friendly with people and other dog breeds. They are one of the best breeds of watchdogs and signal the approach of a stranger with a loud bark. They also bark loudly if they feel bored or ignored by the owner. They like to be around people who display firm leadership qualities.

Exercise Requirements

    This dog breed needs a lot of physical exercise on a daily basis. Without exercise they can become hyperactive, destructive or high-strung. They love to go on long brisk walks, jogs or runs with their owner in the lead. You can ride a bicycle while your pet runs along close behind. When your golden retriever is fully grown, you can take it for physically demanding activities like hiking too.

    Golden retrievers love to spend lot of time with their owners. They also love water and never miss a chance to get drenched. They are equally attracted to mud and tend to get dirty quite frequently if left unmonitored. Hot climate is not quite suitable for this breed, so keep your pet in the shade during summer.

Relationship with Kids

    Since the golden retriever is extremely people-oriented, you can allow your kids to play with the pet even when it is a puppy. While playing, the dog may knock a smaller child over or lick the child's face. If your child accidentally causes any discomfort, the dog has a natural instinct to retaliate, which may frighten your kid. Hence, it is not advisable to leave small children alone with the pet.

Special Talents

    As the name suggests, the basic instinct of a golden retriever is to retrieve things. The breed's favorite pastime is to retrieve toys and balls. Golden retrievers excel in competitions and have instinctive hunting, retrieving and tracking skills. They are quite agile and are commonly trained for narcotics detection by drug enforcement agencies.

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