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American Bulldog Breed Types

American Bulldog Breed Types

Bulldogs are often pictured as the round, close-to-the-ground dogs with wrinkled faces, and while these certainly are bulldogs, they are only one type of the breed. Even within breeds, dogs have distinct physical and behavioral features, and bulldogs are no exception. English bulldogs and American bulldogs have different looks, and even the various types of American bulldogs have their own differences.

American Bulldogs

    American bulldogs are decedents of the English bulldogs. The American bulldogs are primarily white, although there are some red and tan patches in many of the dogs. The breed requires little grooming thanks in part to the short and wiry coat. On average, American bulldogs live to be about 16 years old and can grow up to an average size of 24 inches and weigh around 100 lbs. They are confident, social and very active dogs that do well with families. The breed can be good with children if the dog understands limits when playing with the child.

Standard American Bulldog

    Standard bulldogs are often slightly shorter and stockier than their close relatives, the pit bull, but other than that, the classic and standard American bulldog look very similar. The smaller dogs are bred for work and are considered more athletic. It is worth noting that not all standard American bulldogs are from the original line. There are breeders in the South who are still making changes to the breed.

Classic American Bulldog

    While they may look similar, the classic breed and the standard breed have different mouths. Both breeds have that famous square jaw, but the classic breed drools more. Classics are also larger and heavier with shorter coats. American bulldogs in general can be very protective of their owners, especially the classic American bulldogs. These dogs were bred for show and personal protection, not for doing farm work.

Hybrid American Bulldog

    The name gives it away. A hybrid American bulldog is a combination of the standard and classic bulldog, all in one pet. The reason for a hybrid is because some people like basic elements of one dog, with the temperament of the other dog, like the smaller size of the standard with the protective nature of the classic.

American Bulldog history

    American Bulldogs were brought over to America by working-class immigrants. Farmers used bulldogs as working dogs. By the end of World War II, these working dogs were becoming extinct, but Alan Scott and John Johnson decided to resurrect them. The pair gave the breed the "American" bulldog name and began keeping track of their breeding practices. After a short period of trading ideas and dogs, the two split. Alan preferred a smaller, more athletic dog with a longer muzzle, and John preferred a larger dog with a shorter muzzle. Alan's breed became the standard American and John's became the classic American.

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