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English Bulldog Puppy Facts

English bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dogs because of their size and temperament. Once used for bull-baiting, today bulldogs are one of the best breeds for city living. While the English bulldog is considered the classic bulldog, there are other types, including the American and French.


    English bulldog puppies can be dominant, dependable, energetic, independent, stubborn, obedient, overly affectionate or anxious. Obedience training is a must to rid them of some of the bad habits.


    English bulldog puppies grow quickly, so when you purchase leashes and beds, invest in ones for the full size of the dog. An adult weighs about 50 lbs., and is generally smaller than the American, but larger than the French.


    Some breeds of bulldogs are may be allergic to the ink on newspapers. Keep this in mind when training. It is OK to use newspapers as an aid for housebreaking, but do not line kennels or beds with it. With a flat face and soft palate, they also experience breathing problems, common in brachycephalic breeds.

Inverted feet

    Sometimes bulldog puppies are born with inverted feet. This was once seen as a serious birth defect resulting in people not saving these puppies. However, today it is recognized as a temporary problem that can be fixed.


    English bulldogs are common pets for families because they are extremely patient with children. However, if you live in a warmer climate you may not want to choose a bulldog puppy because they are intolerant to excessive heat.


    Some believe the English bulldog is a cross between a mastiff and pug. Regardless of how bulldogs were genetically made, they were first used to control, guard and gait bulls. The first English bulldog reference dates to a book about dogs written in 1576.

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