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Cost to Crop Doberman Ears

Cost to Crop Doberman Ears

Ear cropping is a popular procedure for Dobermans among breeders. While it is not a necessary surgery, breeders opt for it to create a specific look in the dogs. The procedure can cost as much as $1,500 or more.

Ear Cropping

    Ear cropping is a cosmetic surgery that results in upright ears on dogs. Breeds such as Dobermans, pit bulls and boxers traditionally have their ears cropped to achieve the "look" of the breed.

Overall Cost

    According to Gentle Doberman, the ear cropping procedure can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,500. Cost will vary depending on the type of surgery (traditional or laser, which is more expensive but less invasive), recovery time and needs, and whether or not there are complications.
    Some Dobermans will require intense aftercare including stitches, ear taping and pain relief.

Laser Surgery Benefits

    Though laser surgery will put the cost of cropping your Doberman's ears at or above $1,000, this procedure causes less pain, less bleeding and less swelling in the ears, according to the Cupertino Animal Hospital and Surgical Laser Center. The animal hospital also claims that laser surgery leads to faster healing for the dog.

Post-Surgery Cost

    You should consider follow-up vet visits when you estimate the overall cost of ear cropping. At least one visit and several more (at your normal veterinary office visit fee) will be required to ensure the success of the surgery.


    Ear cropping has become a controversial procedure. In the late 1970s, the American Veterinary Medical Association publicly denounced the procedure (when being done for purely cosmetic reasons). Countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom have banned the procedure altogether.

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