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What Kind of Habitats Do Border Collies Like?

What Kind of Habitats Do Border Collies Like?

Border collies are an active and energetic breed of dog, typically bred for herding sheep. An outdoor environment with pastures and farm animals is an ideal habitat for this dog. If you are not purchasing your border collie for herding, taking it on frequent runs and walks will help keep it in good shape and good health.


    Because a border collie is bred to herd sheep, its most natural environment is a pasture with rolling fields and herding animals. Border collies enjoy their work, typically herding at the rate of three men. Using a direct stare, a border collie can intimidate sheep and other animals into controlled areas. Border collies prefer a large pasture to a small one, allowing plenty of space for the dog to run.

Wooded Areas

    Border collies also like large wooded areas. In addition to providing natural shade, wooded areas contain a variety of trees, animals and plants with which your border collie can engage. If you have a wooded area in your back yard, it is important to fence off the entire grounds. With their agility and speed, border collies can easily escape from rudimentary fencing.

Animal Habitats

    Your border collie will adapt to any environment in which it is placed. If you have a cattle farm or simply keep a variety of animals on your property, a border collie will naturally herd and interact with these animals. Keeping your border collie in a social habitat is essential to its well-being.

Habitats to Avoid

    Border collies dislike small and cramped spaces, such as apartments or houses with no land. If you live in an apartment and own a border collie, it is important that you take the dog on daily trips to a dog park and for frequent runs. In addition to physical exercise, it is important that your border collie gets continual mental stimulation. Engaging your dog in games that mimic herding, or simple retriever games, will help compensate for your dog's reduced environment.

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