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What Is a Jack-a-bee Dog?

What Is a Jack-a-bee Dog?

A Jack-a-bee is a hybrid dog breed, meaning it is not a purebred, but its parents are. By mating a Jack Russell terrier and a beagle, you produce Jack-a-bee puppies. The look, temperament and health of a Jack-a-bee may vary, depending on which traits dominate from the dog's parents, but there are some general attributes you can expect with this breed.


    Jack-a-bee's ears resemble those of a beagle.
    Jack-a-bee's ears resemble those of a beagle.

    A Jack-a-bee weighs from 12 to 25 pounds. This type of dog may feature a beagle face on a Jack Russell body or resemble a beagle overall. A Jack-a-bee's ears are floppy, similar to a beagle's, and the tail is long. The dog's fur can have one of three appearances: a cream base with tan splotches, white fur with light beige areas or a combination of tan, brown and white. The spotted skin found in Jack Russells also can appear in a Jack-a-bee.


    Jack-a-bees shed and should be brushed often to control this. Other than brushing, the grooming requirements are low. Daily exercise is a must for this hybrid. Both Jack Russell terriers and beagles are energetic breeds requiring long walks or lots of playtime. Strong rear legs make the Jack-a-bee a skilled jumper, so a safe yard with a high fence is essential to keep the dog out of harm's way.


    This breed is an excellent family dog with an affectionate disposition. Although prone to distraction, Jack-a-bees can be trained with patience and perseverance. Their abundance of energy must have a healthy outlet, or it can result in destructive behavior such as digging and chewing. If not properly socialized, a Jack-a-bee can be fearful around new people. Fear sometimes results in a loud bark or even the howl, for which beagles are known.


    Owing to its Jack Russell genes, the Jack-a-bee is considered a healthy breed. This dog can have trouble digesting human food, so take care to keep it from stealing from the table. Skin problems and allergies are the main concern for Jack-a-bees. A product of two breeds with long average lifespans, expect a Jack-a-bee to live up to 15 years.

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