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Typical Collie Traits

Typical Collie Traits

Ever since "Lassie" debuted as a television show, the collie has been a favorite dog for many people. These dogs have a distinctive look, with their white, black and brown patterned coats. Collies are smart and loyal, but make sure you know everything about the breed before getting one for your family.


    Collies can have two different types of coats, either smooth or rough. Most people likely think of the rough coat when they think about collies. That coat is long all over the body except for the head and legs. The fur around its head and neck grows so long that it resembles a mane. A collie with a smooth coat has hair that is about 1-inch long all over its body.


    Collies are large dogs, with the males growing between 60 lbs. and 75 lbs. and females usually weighing between 50 lbs. and 65 lbs. They are lean and muscular dogs. A collie's head is shaped like a wedge and has a long, narrow muzzle. Their ears are mostly erect, with only the tips folding over.


    Collies are known for being very smart dogs and are able to learn all sorts of tricks. They are also very loyal to their owners and are sweet, mild-mannered and easy going. Collies enjoy playing and generally like other dogs and people. Although they have many positive traits, collies can have some negative ones as well. For example, they are natural herders, so you might have to break them of that habit, as they will try to herd humans. Collies also need a firm owner who will set rules for the dog and will consistently enforce them. While collies are not aggressive dogs, they can be suspicious of some new people they meet.


    Like many dogs, collies are susceptible to some health problems. For example, collies can have eye problems and hip problems that can cause them to become lame or suffer from arthritis. A collie's nose can be sensitive to the sun, so place sunblock on it when you will be outside for an extended length of time.

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