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The Rarest Dogs in the World

The Rarest Dogs in the World

Rare dog breeds usually possess an unusual physical feature or behavioral manner. Some breeds become rare due to excessive breeding with other types of dogs, while others may be common in their home country but virtually unknown anywhere else. Some rare breeds belong to the herding and working dog groups, while others are classed with sporting dogs, hunting dogs, giant breeds and house dogs.

New Guinea Singing Dog

    The New Guinea Singing Dog is thought to be extinct in wild packs and only a few known examples are in captivity. This dog is known for its ability to modulate its pitch while howling like a wolf and is closely related to the wild dingos of Australia.


    The Leonburger often weighs in excess of 200 pounds and somewhat resembles a lion. This giant breed has a waterproof coat and is extremely gentle, especially with children. A Leonburger that becomes bored can be very destructive to property, virtually destroying the inside of a home or vehicle.

Fila Brasileiro

    The Fila Brasileiro is the only known dog that was specifically bred to dislike all humans except those with whom it was raised. The breed's less- than-fun-loving attitude explains why it is so rare.

Korean Jindo

    The Korean Jindo is a hunting dog that hunts without a human companion. The Jindo normally carries home its kill, but if its prey is too large, the dog will fetch its master to help. Jindos are exceptionally intelligent and have such an acute sense of direction that they virtually never become lost.

Norwegian Lundehund

    The Norwegian Lundehund was specifically bred with six toes, allowing it to climb cliffs that are nearly vertical. Lundehunds are primarily bird hunters and possess a number of unusual physical traits. The dogs can bend their heads 180 degrees over their shoulders and can close their ear canals to keep out moisture and dirt.

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