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Shaggy Dog Types

Shaggy Dog Types

There are many different dog breeds around the world. Dogs have different coats; some are short haired, some have longer hair, and some dogs have coats that are described as shaggy. Shaggy dog types are often mixed breeds, but there are some purebred dogs known for their long and unruly coats.

Old English Sheepdog

    Probably the most famous shaggy dog, the Old English sheepdog is a large herding dog. His shaggy coat serves as insulation and comes in any shade of gray or blue, with or without white markings. The Old English sheepdog is affectionate and active. He is protective of family and may try to herd strangers. Although his coat is long, it is not much more difficult to groom than any other long haired dog.

Lhasa Apso

    The Lhasa Apso is a much smaller breed than the sheepdog, but has just as much fur. Its long hair, which comes in just about any color from light to black, parts down the back from head to tail. Black tipping on the ears and face is common. Lhasa Apsos require plenty of grooming to prevent tangles. They are aloof and independent dogs.


    The Pekingese is a toy dog with a lot of shaggy hair. They usually weigh less than 14 pounds and look like a miniature lion with long hair around their neck, like a mane. Without trimming, the Pekingese's hair reaches the ground. They come in any color. Because of their long undercoats, these shaggy dogs need to be brushed at least an hour a week. Pekingese are often affectionate and intelligent.

Bearded Collie

    Another large breed shaggy dog is the bearded collie. This type of collie is a herding dog with a medium length coat. Their fur is harsh, flat and shaggy. The color of their shaggy coat is usually black, brown or blue with or without white markings. The bearded collie, because of his shaggy coat, requires daily grooming but makes a wonderful family pet. These dogs are active, outgoing and affectionate.

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