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Male Vs. Female Pug Characteristics

Male Vs. Female Pug Characteristics

Pugs are a small breed of dog weighing around 10 to 20 pounds and are among one of the most recognizably known dogs. The pug originated in ancient China and were said to have been a cherished possession of the first emperor of China. Bred for companionship, pugs are a jovial type of dog that can often be found in cute little outfits and happily socializing among other dogs.

Moods and Attitude

    Male pugs are known to be more laid back, even tempered, and less likely to experience sudden mood changes, which can vary from that of the female pug temperament. Female pugs react to situations in a more hormonal and emotional demeanor. They also tend to be loving and happy but can be passively resistant and grouchier than their male counterparts in uncomfortable situations.

Dog Training

    When it comes to training a pug, there is a distinguishable difference on how a male and female each respond. Female pugs are more independent and a little less resistant to training. Since they require a more aggressive approach, females respond better to a deep, lower, stern male voice and can take longer in learning commands. Male pugs, on the other hand, aren't as difficult to train and are easily stimulated. Male pugs tend to be more receptive to light and happy female voices and are more willing to learn.


    The price to raise a male or a female pug can vary greatly. If a pug is purchased from a breeder, they normally aren't fixed prior to going to their new home because some pug owners might want to breed them at some point. The cost for fixing a male pug versus a female one varies greatly due to the invasive surgical procedure that the female has to endure. In most cases, the cost to neuter a male dog is half of what it cost to spay a female. If a pug is adopted from a shelter or rescued, it will more than likely already be fixed before it can go to its new home.

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