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Information on Pitbull Boxer Mix Dogs

Information on Pitbull Boxer Mix Dogs

The pitbull boxer mix is a hybrid breed of two mastiff-type dogs. This dog may be the perfect animal for you to adopt. It is important to educate yourself on possible problems with taking one of these into your home before making a final decision. Size, needs and temperament of the dog need to be considered based on your living situation.

Names of the Breed

    The pitbull boxer is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the American pitbull terrier (also known as the American Staffordshire terrier) and a boxer. This hybrid breed is called by a variety of names. The American Canine Hybrid Club calls it a bullboxer pit, while other designations for this animal include the American bull boxer and the bullboxer.


    The pitbull boxer was produced by combining two different mastiff-type dogs; therefore, it has the typical mastiff wrinkly muzzle. It also has a muscled sturdy build. It usually stands 20 to 27 inches tall and ranges in weight from approximately 40 to 75 lbs. Its easily groomed, glossy, short fur coat can be a variety of different colors, including fawn, red, tan and brindle.

Figuring out Temperament

    In the opinion of Get Pets Online, this breed of dog is easygoing with its owners and family members. Bullboxers are protective and good watchdogs. They need and enjoy physical exercise and do better in situations where exercise is a regular part of their routine. A more accurate way to find out about the temperament, according to Dog Breed Info online, is to look up all breeds involved and realize that your dog may have a combination of any of the characteristics listed for the various breeds.

Breed Temperaments

    5 Star Dogs online reports that a boxer's temperament tends toward playful, devoted and outgoing. They can be aggressive with strange dogs, but good with the family's other pets. They also report on the American pitbull terrier's temperament. It too is playful and devoted to family. This dog is protective and normally gentle with children, but can be aggressive towards other dogs. It may not do well with smaller pets due to its strong prey drive. A pitbull boxer mix will have some combination of these characteristics.

Temperament Testing

    The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) tests dogs to evaluate aspects such as stability, friendliness and aggressiveness. They also measure the dog's instinct to protect the handler or self when threatened. The average pass rate is 81.6 percent, though the dog's breed, training, age and health are considered when determining passing. After testing 396 boxers, 331 passed (passing rate of 83.6 percent). This society reported testing 665 American pitbull terriers, with 567 passing (rate of 85.3 percent). This suggests that this mix would most likely pass a temperament test.

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