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How to treat a Siberian Husky

How to treat a Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are a very friendly, especially with children. These dogs are considered to be sled dogs, so exercise is needed often. Huskies do not make great watch dogs because these dogs hardly ever bark and love strangers. If you show your Husky who is in charge and treat it like one of the family, you will have a great companion.



    Groom your Husky daily using a metal comb and shedding blade. Gently run the comb through the dog's hair but avoid pulling the hair if you find a knot. Instead, hold the knot with one hand close to the dog's skin and run the metal comb through to untangle it. Talk to your dog to make it feel at ease while it is being groomed.


    Show your Husky that you are the leader of the family. Eat your dinner before you give dinner to your Husky. Walk through a doorway before your dog. Make the dog move out of the way instead of walking around it.


    Praise your dog for doing something good. Say things like "good boy" or "good job" when your are training the dog. Ignore bad behavior and use patience. Avoid negative reinforcement such as yelling or slapping, because it will cause the dog to lose trust in you.


    Walk your Husky using a leash for 30 to 60 minutes per day. Walk your dog in the evening if it is an overly hot day because it can get heat stroke easily due to its thick coat. Raise your dog in an area that has lots of space to run. Huskies are a very energetic breed and need space to move.


    Purchase toys for your Husky to play with to stimulate its mind. Play with your dog to form a bond. Avoid leaving or ignoring your dog for hours at a time. If a Husky gets bored, it will become destructive and could chew on your things to entertain itself.


    Feed your Husky (after you have already eaten) three times a day. Follow the instructions on the side of the bag of dry dog food with regard to how much you should feed your dog. The best type of food for your dog is kibble with at least 30 percent crude protein. Check the side of the kibble bag for the nutritional information. Make sure that the first ingredient listed is some kind of meat. This will help your husky build muscle and stay healthy. Feed your dog a biologically appropriate raw food diet (BARF) if it has allergies, teeth problems or skin and coat problems. Keep your Husky's water bowl full at all times to keep the dog from getting hydrated.

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