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How to Take Care of a Yorkie Terrier

How to Take Care of a Yorkie Terrier

Yorkie Terriers are appealing pets because they are small and have non-allergenic fur. New parents find that Yorkie Terriers hardly frighten their newborn because they are not large and intruding. An additional benefit is that the newborn cannot be allergic to them. Yorkie Terriers bring you some responsibilities to keep up their health and comfort. The duties you must complete for their upkeep take some organization. Following a few simple tips and keeping a schedule can help you take care of your Yorkie Terrier.



    Watch your Yorkie Terrier's weight. An 18-month-old Yorkie should be anywhere from 2 to 6 pounds, depending on its birth weight. Being extremely overweight or underweight can hurt its health, so feed it an appropriate diet.


    Brush your Yorkie Terrier's hair daily. Yorkies have long, soft hair that looks glamorous when cared for regularly. Forgetting to brush it can result in a matted mess.


    Have your Yorkie Terrier's hair groomed professionally around once a month. With practice, you may be able to trim her hair yourself with some household scissors. A puppy cut is a simple haircut where the whole body is trimmed, and it may be easy to attempt at home.


    Bring the Yorkie Terrier to the vet for regular checkups. Don't go for the closest vet because of convenience. Choosing a vet wisely is important to ensure the health of your Yorkie.


    Take your Yorkie Terrier on daily walks. Small dogs need exercise too, and they can easily become out of shape if they sit in your lap all day. The walk does not have to be long; it can be around your yard for five to ten minutes.

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