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How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Mississippi

How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Mississippi

If you're a Mississippi resident and are thinking about buying a pit bull, consider rescuing one instead. Often being unfairly labeled as aggressive and unpredictable attack dogs, many pit bulls actually have docile and affectionate dispositions. With proper obedience training and frequent socialization, pit bull terriers can make excellent pets. However, pit bulls are not for everyone. Most pit bull rescue organizations do not recommend them for families with young children or other pets. If you have an open mind and loving home, adopt an orphaned pit bull in need.



    Locate Mississippi pit bull rescue organizations. There are several pit bull rescue organizations that operate in Mississippi including Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue and Bull Breed Rescue. Contact them online or talk to your local Humane Society. They can connect you to pit bull rescue organizations in your area.


    Complete the adoption application. Most pit bull rescue organizations require you to fill out an in-depth application. Expect to answer questions about your home, family, other pets, your financial situation, your past experience with dogs and your reasons for rescuing a pit bull. Schedule a home visit or face-to-face interview, if the rescue organization requires it.


    Pay the rescue fee. Many rescue organizations ask that you cover the costs that the pit bull incurred while in their care. This typically includes the cost of food, care supplies, veterinarian expenses and microchipping. Make an additional donation of money, food or supplies if you want to help support the continued work of the pit bull rescue organization.


    Choose the right dog. Some pit bulls do have unpredictable and aggressive behaviors. Test the dog's temperament as a precautionary measure. Ask your veterinarian to temperament test the pit bull for you or learn how to safely temperament test a pit bull online at Pit Bull Rescue Central.


    Know how to care for a pit bull. Every dog breed has unique characteristics and needs. Talk to your veterinarian about how to prevent common pit bull health problems such as, hip dysplasia, allergies and cataracts. Find more information about how to care for a pit bull online at Pit Bull Lovers.

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