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How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Indiana

How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Indiana

Pit bulls are an often-misunderstood breed. Thought of as a vicious, dog fighting breed, pit bulls can be very loving and tender. It all depends on how the owner raises the dog. Because of their bad reputation, many pit bulls in Indiana are abandoned and left for rescue organizations to find them loving homes. It takes a special person to rescue abandoned pit bull .



    Spend time becoming educated about pit bulls. Part of the reason so many pit bulls need rescuing is because their owners didnt understand the breed. Before you attempt to rescue or adopt a rescued pit bull, read as much as you can about the breed.


    Evaluate your environment. Rescued dogs come in all temperaments. Its important to match the dog personality with your household environment. If you are looking to adopt a rambunctious, energetic pit bull that requires a lot of exercise, you cannot leave the dog at home alone while you work all day. That is a recipe for disaster.


    Call or visit the Indiana County Humane Society. Although they are not specific to pit bull rescues only, they save thousands of dogs each year. They match the appropriate dog with families and provide $250 worth of animal care (including, but not limited to spay/neutering the pet, vaccinations, de-worming treatment) before allowing families to adopt their pets (see Resources).


    Visit the Halfway House Pit Bull Rescue located in Central Indiana. Specializing in pit bulls, the Halfway House Pit Bull Rescue puts their potential adoptive families through a stringent application process. They feel that the pit bulls have been through enough tragedy and abuse prior to coming to their facility. Proper prescreening helps to prevent the dogs from enduring such hardship again.


    Go to Indianas Casa Del Toro Bully Breed Education & Rescue. Specializing in pit bulls, they have an extensive program where by, they put the dogs through socialization drills; training and test for temperament to make sure the dogs are adoptable. They also spay/neuter the dogs and provide the necessary health screening to ensure the dogs are healthy for adoption.

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