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How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Arizona

How to Rescue a Pit Bull in Arizona

Unfortunately, local animal shelters usually have several pit bulls in residence. Some are confiscated from fighting homes, others are neglected, and many are surrendered because of city or housing restrictions. These precious dogs have a terrible reputation, which prevents many of them from finding new homes. There are not enough rescues to save all of these precious dogs so if you want a pit bull, rescue one from a shelter to help keep the number of pit bulls in the shelters down.



    Go to area animal shelters and humane societies, especially those that do not have a no-kill policy. You can find an extensive list at the directory of the Arizona Humane Society and Animal Shelters website. Fill out an application to adopt or rescue a pit bull and provide references. Check back with the shelter often to see if a dog is available for you to rescue. You can also check the shelter website or Petfinder.com, and email the volunteers who post the photos on the websites. Let the volunteers know what you are looking for because they will have the information first.

    Attend a rescue adoption day

    Contact Arizona pit bull rescues and let them know that you want to help rescue a pit bull. Check the American Pit Bulls advocacy website for a list of Arizona pit bull rescues. Rescues frequently have adoption days at area pet stores or shopping centers. Try to attend one to see if your ideal rescue dog is there.


    Register at the Pit Bull Resource Network, a site developed by the American Pit Bull registry of breeders, for people who need to find new homes for their pit bulls. You can register as an individual who wants to adopt a pit bull or an individual who wants to foster a pit bull.


    Place an advertisement in your area's free weekly ad papers such as the Arizona Explorer and the Phoenix Shopper indicating your desire to rescue a pit bull. These papers have large circulations and because they are free, many people read them. Don't forget to place your ad on your area Craigslist.org and Free Pet Classifieds.


    Print your own flyers to "Rescue a Pit Bull" and pin them up at veterinarian offices, pet stores and send a copy to area pit bull breeders. You can find some reputable Arizona breeders by following the link provided. People tend to contact breeders to return dogs or to assist them in finding new homes.

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