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How to Register a Cockapoo

How to Register a Cockapoo

The cockapoo is a type of dog created by breeding either an American or English cocker spaniel with a poodle or by breeding two cockapoos. There are several different registries for cockapoo puppies. Some pups may be eligible for multiple registries, depending on how well the individual animal meets the specific requirements of each. You will need to provide accurate and detailed information about the pedigree of your cockapoo in order to register it.



    Determine which registry you want to register your cockapoo with. The American Cockapoo Club, the Cockapoo Club of America and the North American Cockapoo Registry all accept new puppies for registration, although their requirements vary slightly. The Cockapoo Club of America will allow cockapoos of unknown or unverifiable parentage to be registered as long as the animals have been spayed or neutered.


    Obtain an application from the registry or ask the breeder to get one for you. Fill out the application by providing the registration information for the parents of your puppy. You will need their registration numbers from either the cockapoo registry or the American Kennel Club (for purebred cocker spaniel and poodle parents). If the breeder of your puppy registered the litter, you will need the official litter number as well.


    Submit your application for registration and pay the corresponding fees, which vary with each breed association. If your application is approved, you will receive official registration paperwork for your dog.

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