Rabu, 24 April 2013

How to Plan a Dog's Diet

Diet is an essential part of your dogs overall health. However, its difficult to plan a dogs diet without the details of what makes good canine nutrition. Heres how to plan a healthy diet for your canine.



    Pick a dog food. You may be wondering if expensive dog food is a marketing ploy or if theres really a difference. When choosing a dog food, look for a high percentage of digestibility (82-86 percent). The challenge is this information isnt always on the labels. When you visit a store, write down your top dog food choices. Then call the manufacturer and compare the digestibility percentages.


    Control your dogs portions. Many dogs are overweight because they are eating large portions. To find out your dogs portion size, review the back of the dog food bag. If you have an extremely active dog, it may be alright to increase the portion slightly for activity level.


    Check the date on the dog food. If you cant find a date on the bag, call the manufacture and ask them to explain their codes.


    Give your dog fresh veggies Veggies arent just good for humans; theyre good for your canine also. To ensure a balanced canine diet, give him a little every day. However, you should avoid onions.


    Pay attention to protein. Since dogs are carnivores by nature, protein is a very important part of their diet. When purchasing a dog food, make sure animal protein is the primary source. Stay away from corn gluten or soybean meal.


    Talk with your vet about canine supplements. Many dog owners wonder if supplements are right for their dog. Dont ever give your dog a supplement without talking to your vet first. Currently there isnt a quality control for canine supplements.

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