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How to Pick Up a Dachshund Properly

How to Pick Up a Dachshund Properly

Dachshunds, also known as doxies or weiner dogs, have long, low-slung bodies and very short legs. They may need help getting up and down stairs, on and off of furniture and in and out of vehicles. Because of their shape, dachshunds are prone to back problems, so it is very important to provide support to their whole body length when picking them up. Older dachshunds may also need a ramp to navigate stairs routinely and they can be trained with treats to use the ramp.



    Pick up a dachshund using both hands. Place one at the back end of the dog and the other under the front legs, being sure to support the whole spine.


    Reach down to pick up a dachshund that is trying to jump up to join you on the couch or porch. Do not let them try to jump up because they may damage their spine.


    Demonstrate correct handling of your dachshund to children. Do not allow small children to pick up the dog to avoid possible harm to the animal. Pick up the dachshund as described in Step 1 and place him securely in the arms and lap of a seated child, rather than taking a chance that he may wriggle out of the child's grasp if the child tries to lift him up.


    Train an older dog to regularly use a ramp instead of climbing stairs to enter a house. Place the ramp flat on the floor and let the dachshund walk across it to get used to how it feels. Reward the dog with treats as he learns to walk the entire length of the ramp. Place one end of the ramp on increasingly higher objects until the dog learns to successfully walk up the ramp.

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