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How to Paint a Dalmatian Fire Mascot

How to Paint a Dalmatian Fire Mascot

Dalmatians first got involved with fire stations in the 1700s because they were compatible with horses and could therefore guide and protect the horse-drawn fire vehicles on their way to fires. The Dalmatian is still used in many fire stations today as a mascot and a symbol of bravery. You don't have to be a skilled artist to draw a simple Dalmatian picture. Once you've drawn the main image of your Dalmatian, you can customize it to fit your specific fire department or fire station.



    Draw three round shapes in a vertical row, leaving a half-inch space between each. The top shape should be a small circle. Draw the middle shape as a vertical oval. Draw the bottom shape as a horizontal oval. Add two lines that extend vertically from the sides of the middle oval, which will eventually become the Dalmatian's front legs. This is the framework of the Dalmatian's body.


    Sketch the droopy outlines of the Dalmatian's ear on each side of the top circle. The ears should be shaped similarly to a leaf of lettuce.


    Sketch the outline of the Dalmatian's front legs by using your initial guidelines of the legs from Step 1. The legs should extend over the bottom oval. Add small horizontal ovals at the end of each leg for paws. Add back legs that stick out very slightly behind the bottom oval.


    Draw the outline of the dog's neck. It should be as thick as the top of the middle oval is wide. Carry the neckline down each side of the three ovals to create the outline of the dog's body.


    Sketch a W-shaped line so that it is appears to be hanging off the bottom of the top circle. This will become the Dalmatian's mouth. Above the mouth line, add a circular shape with two nostrils. This will become the Dalmatian's nose. Above the nose, add two small, oval eyes with dots for pupils. These will become the Dalmatian's eyes.


    Erase any overlapping lines, including the initial three-oval framework, that are not part of the completed body and face of the Dalmatian.


    Add the Dalmatian's spots as you wish. Keep in mind that Dalmatian's spots are often more like splotches than perfectly rounded circles.


    Customize the Dalmatian for your specific fire department or fire station. Do this by adding a collar with your station's name or by adding a drawing of your station in the background of the picture.

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