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How to Mix Different Brands of Dry Dog Food

How to Mix Different Brands of Dry Dog Food

Dogs can be picky eaters, especially when their brand of dog food has been changed. It is common for a veterinarian to place a dog on a certain food to prevent allergies, stomach upset or even help with arthritis. However, for whatever the reason, the dog may not adapt well to that food. If this is the case, mixing the dog's old brand of dog food with the new brand may help with a smoother transition.



    Get a large container to hold the dry dog food. Pick a container that is air locked and will seal without allowing any moisture inside. Moisture may cause the food to become stale or moldy. Food containers that are not sealed properly may also attract unwanted bugs or rodents.


    Combine small amounts of the new food with the old brand of dog food. Mixing small portions (1/4 new to 3/4 old) may help prevent any gastrointestinal upset from occurring and will hopefully make the change in food easier on the dog.


    Mix the combination of the dog food thoroughly. Place a cup or small bowl inside to help scoop the dry dog food into the bowl when the dog is ready to eat. Close the lid thoroughly when done mixing the two brands.


    Offer the dog a bowl of food when it is time to eat. If the dog eats the food without any complication, gradually add more new dog food to the mixture. If the dog turns his nose up at the concoction, perhaps add more of the old dog food in to see if this helps.


    Continue to slowly increase the new brand of dry dog food and decrease the old brand. This process may last 7 to 10 days, depending on how finicky the dog is.

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