Kamis, 04 April 2013

How to Improve Your Dog's Diet With Vegetables and Fruits

Is Fido getting a little overweight? Many dogs, like their owners, are consuming too many calories. The commercially prepared dog foods, the snacks especially, that you are feeding to your dog may contain more calories than you realize.



    Consult with your veterinarian before trying to put your dog on a diet. Even if your dog is not on a diet, per se, it may be a good idea to add vegetables and fruit to your dog's eating plan. Just as in a human diet, vegetables and fruits serve to provide vitamins and minerals and fiber.


    Try adding celery, carrots, and lettuce to your best friend's diet. Start slowly. If your dog is not used to eating vegetables, they may upset his digestive system. Give a small amount to see how it works out. Cooked peas are another idea. Most dogs love cooked rice. Just don't feed them too much rice if they are on a weight loss diet. Avoid onions and garlic. They can be hazardous to your dog.


    Add some fruits to your dog's diet. Many dogs love apples. Cut them up. Again see how this works out. Avoid raisins,grapes and cranberries. They can also be hazardous to your dog.

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