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How to Improve Taste of Dry Dog Food

Dog food contains complete nutrition, offering a healthy diet for your dog. However, dry dog food is not the tastiest for your dog. You can make your dog's food more tasty and still keep it healthy. You can use a variety of additions such as warm water, wet dog food, chicken broth and even yogurt. Your dog will enjoy a delicious meal while you can ease your mind knowing that the meal she is eating is safe and healthy.




    Pour water into a microwave-safe cup and heat on medium high for 30 to 45 seconds.


    Pour the warm water over the dry dog food, ensuring that you are getting the dog food evenly covered so that all the pieces are equal in moisture.


    Allow the food to cool for about 20 seconds if needed.

Wet Dog Food


    Mix half wet dog food to half dry dog food.


    Stir thoroughly to mix all of the dry dog food pieces and the wet food pieces together.


    Decrease the amount of wet dog food over the week until the serving size of the wet dog food is one part to four parts of dry dog food.

Chicken Broth


    Pour some low-sodium chicken broth into a microwaveable cup and heat on medium high for 45 seconds.


    Pour the chicken broth over the dry dog food evenly to allow the dog food pieces to be soaked completely.


    Allow the dog food to cool for about 20 seconds if necessary.

Bones, Rice and Vitamins


    Put chicken or beef meat bones into a skillet and cook the bones on medium high to high heat. Allow the juices of the meat to stay in the skillet. Remove the bones and discard them.


    Put a small amount of brown rice into the meat juices and allow the rice to soak up the meat broth.


    Add a dog vitamin supplement to the mix if you are able to. Ask your veterinarian first. Crush the vitamin up and add to the brown rice and meat mixture. Stir the mixture into the dry dog food.



    Get a tablespoon of plain yogurt. Make sure it is not flavored or artificially colored.


    Mix the yogurt into the dry dog food.


    Place the dog food on the floor so your dog can enjoy it. The enzymes in the yogurt will help with healthy bowel movements

Dog Treat


    Break up a dry dog treat in your hands.


    Mix the dog treat into the dry dog food.


    Feed the food to your dog, and praise him to make him happy while eating it.

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