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How to Identify a White German Shepherd Vs. a Siberian Husky Dog

How to Identify a White German Shepherd Vs. a Siberian Husky Dog

The white German shepherd and the Siberian husky dog breeds can be mistaken for each other upon first glance. Both dogs have fur coats built for cold weather, long bushy tails, are more than 20 inches tall and are high-energy and intelligent. A second, longer look will reveal physical differences.



    The white German shepherd's coat will be completely white. The Siberian husky's coat is usually two-toned. Common combinations include white and black, white and red, and white and gray. Single-toned Siberian huskies are usually gray or brown.


    White German shepherds are classified as large-sized; Siberian huskies are classified as medium-sized. Both male and female white German shepherds weigh between 77 and 85 pounds. Male Siberian huskies weigh up to 60 pounds, while females can reach 50 pounds.


    White German shepherds have long, single-coated fur, while Siberian huskies have medium-length, double-coated fur. The thickness of the husky's coat should be striking, because the breed can handle temperatures of minus-58 degrees. The white German shepherd's coat is not nearly as thick.

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