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How to Identify a Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is an alert, spirited and stable breed. It is a great family dog, as it loves its people, but can be aggressive with other dogs. This is a small, compact breed with short legs, but it is sturdy. It is a lot of power in a small package, giving this dog its confidence and dignity.



    Make sure the size and proportion of the Scottish Terrier is correct. This breed has a thick body and is heavily boned. Males and females are about 10 inches at the shoulders. It has a slight rectangular shape, as its length as measured from the back of the shoulders to the rear is about 11 inches. Males weigh 19 to 22 pounds and females weigh 18 to 21 pounds.


    Look at the long head. It is quite long, compared to the rest of the dog. The length of the muzzle is about the same length as the skull. The muzzle slightly tapers to a black nose that has some projection over the mouth. This makes upper jaw look longer than it really is. They small, bright eyes sit wide on the skull and are sunk in under the brow. They are dark brown - almost black, and are almond shaped. The small ears sit up on top of the skull and are pointy. They stand straight up and are covered with short hair that feels like velvet.


    Check that the moderately short neck is strong and muscular. While short, it should not be too short, making the Scottish Terrier look clumsy. It blends smoothly into well angulated shoulders. The chest is wide and deep - it extends quite a bit in front of the legs and should not be flat. The front legs are heavily boned, leading to front feet that are larger than the rear feet. The muscular thighs are extremely powerful for this small dog. The rear feet are smaller than the front feet. The tail, thick at the base, tapers to a point.


    Pet the wiry outer coat. The undercoat is dense. The outer coat is "broken." It is longer on the legs and beard. Colors can be black, brindle or wheat. If there is any white at all, it should only be a small amount on the chest and chin.

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