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How to Get Your Dog to Eat His Food

Dogs make great pets, but sometimes they can be difficult when it comes to their diet. Naturally stubborn dogs will refuse to eat certain dog foods, and other dogs will choose to eat only at a certain time of day. Getting a dog to eat his food when it's given to him may seem impossible when you've dealt with a finicky eater, but it's easier than you might believe. With a little effort, your dog should be eating his food in no time.



    Set a feeding schedule for your dog. He should eat a small bowl of food three times a day instead of one large bowl once a day. The schedule should consist of one morning feeding, one afternoon feeding, and one evening feeding.


    Avoid giving your dog frequent treats. If a dog becomes full on treats, he will not eat his dog food. You can potentially spoil your dog with treats, and he won't be enthusiastic about eating dry dog food. Make sure that your dog does not have access to the garbage can. Ask everyone in the home to stop feeding table scraps (if they are).


    Give your dog a quiet area to eat his food. Distractions can sometimes cause dogs to eat less than they normally would, especially if your dog is especially active or has anxiety.


    Take your dog for a walk or a run before offering him food. When you bring him home, set the food bowl down in front of him. Wait 15 minutes. If your dog does not eat his food, remove the bowl and repeat this step at the next feeding time.


    Reward your dog with food after he comes in from a bathroom break, after a bath, or after doing anything that deserves praise. Again, if he does not touch the food after 15 minutes, pick it up and try again later.


    Introduce a new brand or type of dog food into your dog's diet. Bring in new foods gradually. To do this, add about one quarter cup of new dog food to three cups of his original dog food. Add more food each time until he is eating nothing but the new dog food. If your dog seems to enjoy the new food, stick with it.


    Remain consistent with your feeding schedule and diet. If you allow your dog to get what he wants, for example, feeding him table food because he won't eat his dog food, you're only making it more difficult on yourself when you decide to switch him to strictly dog food.

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