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How to Find Pet Food Recipes

With the poisonings of pets from commercial pet foods, many pet owners are now looking for healthy and natural pet food recipes that they can easily make from home. Here are three different avenues pet owners can use to find safe and nutritious pet food recipes for their beloved pets.


Find Pet Food Recipes on Web sites


    Research the Internet to learn the safe and natural foods for your particular pet's diet. This will help you recognize a safe and healthy pet food recipe when you see it.


    Do a search in your favorite Internet browser for pet food recipes.


    Choose a Web site from the results to begin your recipe search. Look to see if the Web site has recipes for your specific pet i.e.: dog, cat, bird.


    Research the Web site to see where its recipes originate and if they are tested. Many Web sites that contain pet food recipes will have recipes that are submitted by pet owners but are not tested for their nutritional value. Try to choose natural pet food recipes that have been tested.


    Scrutinize the recipes for yourself. Based on the foods you know your pet needs -- and those they cannot eat, do they look nutritional? Avoid recipes that have a lot of unnecessary fillers. For an example of healthy pet food recipes for dogs and cats, please see the Related Articles section, below.


    Continue your search through multiple Web sites until you are sure you have found pet food recipes that are both healthy and safe.


    When you find an acceptable recipe, print it out and read it thoroughly. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to properly store any extra pet food you make.

Find Pet Food Recipes in Books


    Using your Internet browser, go to your favorite online book seller.


    At the Web site, do a search for natural pet food recipes.


    Look over the results that come back from your search. You will want to find books that cover both the ins and outs of what to feed your pet, what not to feed your pet as well as healthy recipes for your pet.


    Read the reviews from other people who have read the books. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the book and how helpful it was.


    Get the book. Once you find an appropriate book you can either order it online, buy it at your local bookstore if they carry it, or borrow it from your public library if the offer it.


    Once you have your book, be sure to educate yourself on the proper nutritional needs of your particular pet. This will help you spot healthy recipes for you pets in the future if you ever want to try new ones. If you have borrowed the book from the library, you will need to copy the recipes into a pet recipe book for future use.

Finding Pet Food Recipes Via eBooks


    An e-book is an instantly downloadable electronic book that you can order online and read on your computer or print out to read.


    Review the author's Web page carefully. This will give you hints as to the author's credentials, what topics the book covers and any bonus books that are included with your purchase.


    Look for ebooks that contain information on proper pet nutrition as well as healthy recipes for your pet. A good e-book should tell you what foods to avoid, what foods are safe and the best way to prepare those foods for your pet.


    Once you find a suitable e-book pay for the book online via the order page and you will be able to instantly download your ebook.


    Read the e-book from start to finish, educating yourself on proper pet nutrition.


    Prepare the recipes as shown in the e-book, following the directions carefully.

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