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How to Find an American Bullnese

There are many different breeders that sell American Bullnese dogs. An American Bullnese is a purebred dog, but there are breeders who are breeding a hybrid of the pekingese with the French Bulldog. One of the best places to locate a purebred American Bullnese is from the American Bullnese Association. On their website bullnese.com, the A.B.A. provides a number of resources regarding adopting an American Bullnese. In addition, you'll be given valuable breed-specific tips on temperament, grooming and house breaking.


Finding an American Bullnese


    Log on to bullnese.com. After you've looked over the website a bit, click the "breeders/puppies" tab. You'll be given a list of American Bullnese breeders listed by state. You'll be given contact information such as address, phone number, email address and website.


    Visit websites such as puppyfinder.com or breederinfocenter.com. You'll be provided with information regarding how to properly care for your American Bullnese, such as creating an exercise regimen for your American Bullnese. Click on the "puppies for sale" link. To your left you'll notice a variety of dog breeds, click on American Bullnese. You'll be provided with contact information for all available American Bullnese breeders.


    Visit an animal shelter. You may be able to adopt an American Bullnese at your local animal shelter. In most cases, a small fee or donation is required.


    Visit a local pet shop. You may find an American Bullnese at a pet store or local breeder. Check your local newspapers. Breeders may run classified ads in your local newspaper or penny saver.

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