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How to Feed Your Boxer

How to Feed Your Boxer

As with any other breed, it's important to feed your boxer the appropriate amount of food for its age and activity level. Boxers are active, ebullient dogs, and they need a good blend of nutrients and vitamins to stay at an optimum health level. How often you feed your boxer depends on how old it is -- puppies eat several times a day, while an adult only needs to eat once a day.



    Decide whether you want to feed your boxer dry food, wet food or homecooked food. Wet food may have more nutrients, but dry food is better for the teeth. If you want to go the route of homemade meals, consult a veterinarian or other pet nutrition expert before you start cooking.


    Look for food with high fiber content. According to canine nutritionist William D Cusick, boxers have a tendency to bloat and produce gas if they do not have adequate fiber. In a homecooked meal, fiber can be found in whole oats or brown rice. Avoid corn and wheat, as dogs do not digest these well.


    Feed a boxer puppy three meals a day. How much you give the dog depends on its weight and the type of food you are using. Use a small bowl with treads on it to keep it from sliding.


    Gradually reduce the feeding to twice a day starting at 6 months of age. If you are feeding the dog puppy food, make a gradual switch to adult food.


    At 2 years of age, you can switch to feeding your boxer one meal a day. Snacks in between are permitted, as long as they are healthy snacks.


    Pick up the boxer's bowl and put it away if the dog does not finish its food. Feeding at will is not healthy for the dog. All Boxer Info recommends leaving the bowl on the floor for no more than 20 minutes.


    Supplement a boxer's diet with fish oil or flax oil. These oils provide essential omega-3 fatty acids and are beneficial for a boxer's skin and coat.

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