Kamis, 18 April 2013

How to Buy a Great Dane Puppy

So, you want a great dane. You've already considered that you will spend most of your paycheck on dog food. And you know you'll be smaller than your pet in a few months. But you have your heart set on a great dane. Before you run out and buy the first one you see, invest some effort in choosing your puppy. Read on to learn how to buy a great dane puppy.



    Buy a breed-specific magazine about great danes. Alternately, check out a similar website, such as Great Dane Rescue. It details lots of information about danes, and even lists some that are available for adoption.


    Bypass the local newspaper. Reputable breeders don't need to advertise there; they are registered with the American Kennel Club or other canine organizations that buyers locate through that venue.


    Research breeders that have noted accomplishments with their dogs. These breeders will not advertise, but may have a site that lists available litters, their dam and sire and awards they have won.


    Ask to see the pedigree. Registered and reputable breeders will have a printed history of the puppy's ancestors for six, or more, generations. You can see any championships they've won and whether they are Orthopedic Foundation for Animals-certified for their hips.


    Visit your puppy ahead of time, if it is feasible. Some breeders will fly a puppy across the nation, and if you are buying long distance, you will need to do your research on the breeder very well. Get it in writing that they guarantee the health of the puppy against genetic defects and pre-existing conditions for at least one year. If the puppy is within driving distance however, visit in person and look for a healthy, alert puppy.

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