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How to Buy a Chow Puppy

The Chow is a proud and ancient breed of dog from China. A vibrant and protective dog, the Chow makes a great companion or a wonderful family pet. If you have decided that the Chow is the right breed of dog for you, here are some tips to remember when buying a Chow puppy.



    Research the breed. While they are loyal companions, they can also be overly protective of their personal space and belongings; that may not make the Chow the best choice for a household where there are other dogs. Understand the Chow's behaviors when deciding if this is the right breed for you.


    Examine the puppy's tongue and mouth. One of the Chow's most distinguishing features as a breed is their unusual coloring in the mouth. The Chow's tongue should be a dark purple, almost black, as should the inside of its mouth. Any other coloring could be a sign of inbreeding or that the puppy is not a full-blooded Chow.


    Look at the coat. Chows come in a variety of shades, and the puppy's coat may actually darken as it matures. But even when young the Chow's coat should be a uniform color and texture. Chows may have coats that are slightly darker around their ears and eyes, but the coat should not be spotted. This coloration could be another indication of the puppy not being a fully-bred Chow puppy.


    Watch the puppy's tail. Another distinctive feature of the Chow breed is its full, bushy tail that curls tight when the Chow is excited or happy. When you are looking at Chow puppies look for one whose tail is full and well-proportioned with its body and that curls upward when the puppy is active or playing.


    Get to know the puppy's personality. Chows may appear stand-offish or shy at first. This is a trait of the breed and should not necessarily be a cause for concern. It is still important to get to know the puppy and see if it gets used to you and becomes accustomed to you. If it does not, you may wish to look at another puppy or consider another breed altogether.

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