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How to Buy a Bloodhound Puppy

Bred almost exclusively at one time to track humans and locate cadavers, the bloodhound is now finding a well-earned spot in the family home. With a terrific personality, the ever-patient bloodhound makes a wonderful companion dog or playmate for a child. Keep in mind some basic rules when choosing a puppy and you'll be happy with your "best friend" for a long time. Read on to learn how to buy a bloodhound puppy.



    Look around before choosing a bloodhound puppy from a pet store. It's easy to go in, hold the cute little guy and then fork over more money than you would pay a reputable breeder. Many pet store puppies come from questionable puppy mills and are frequently sick. If you must have the doggy in the window arrange to have a veterinarian check the dog out first.


    Contact the American Bloodhound Club for referrals to registered breeders. Visit their website and be sure to read about the breed standards so you know what to look for in a puppy. Breeders with the American Bloodhound Club sign a code of ethics in breeding, feeding and caring for their dogs.


    Ask to see the parents of a perspective puppy when you don't know the breeder. You can tell a lot about the care the litter has received by examining the sire and dam. Make sure to check their ears and eyes, both problem spots for bloodhounds that need constant attention. Dirty ears or matted eyes should be a red flag.


    Purchase the equipment you will need to care for your puppy before you bring it home. Ask the breeder what brand of food it is currently eating and purchase the same items. Set up a soft dog bed and have the puppy toys ready.


    Send a piece of cloth, bandana-size, to the breeder a few days before you pick up your puppy. Rub it on your skin and hair before mailing it. Ask the breeder to tie it around the puppy's neck, or place it in his bed. Bloodhounds are scent dogs and the puppy will recognize your scent when he sees you, making the transition away from his mother easier.

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